Posted on December 30th, 2007 by Scraps.
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When we were in Seattle for Christmas, I discovered that nearly all my Parlando wallpapers looked like crap on widescreen monitors. I'd already adjusted them a couple times for bigger screen sizes and smaller resolutions than I use at home, but this was too much; I couldn't see any way to fix the problem other than making brand new wallpapers, and right now designing non-tiling wallpapers that work both on regular monitors and widescreen is not a task I am up for.

So I am now making tiling wallpapers for Parlando. I'm planning to change them entirely every month, though I'll probably also move some in and out whenever I feel like it. The first new eleven are up now.



Comment on December 30th, 2007.

ooh some are great! i love this first tomato soup passionberry weave. mmm. warm and zingy and rich.

i like a few. my main complaint is the gray tables. dont care much for middle gray except when viewing web art or color adjustment control panels where you keep gray as the frame for technical reasons. i know, i'm very opinionated, just talkin', no pressure to change anything for me, por supuesto. but...i guess it makes sense. to keep it neutral for the various wallpapers, so it doesnt clash.

but what if you could also switch table color with the bg, eh? some stylesheet switching juju.


Comment on December 31st, 2007.

Hey, don't worry about criticism; I wouldn't write about it if I weren't inviting comment.

I'm a fan of gray, though I didn't expect the gray ones to show up side by side in the thumbnail boxes (I haven't figured out how to control that).

I would love to give people color-switching power. Here's where I admit that I am a very low-powered designer: I can take an existing template -- in this case Vistered Little -- and stubbornly tweak it, through trial and error, with much hair-pulling and auuuuuughery, to do (more or less) what I want; but I can't design from scratch for beans, and I have no idea what most of the language in the files I edit actually means. I am slowly and intermittently teaching myself, but my skills are severely limited -- definitely nowhere near your level.

Thanks for the feedback, amigo mio.

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