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Posted on December 20th, 2009 by Scraps.
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One of the changes in my life is movies. Reading is now very hard for me; I can read, but it's ten times as laborious -- still -- and it's exhausting. But movies is easier. So I've begun, late in my life, teaching myself the classics. One of my lists is Roger Ebert's 4-star movies. So far, I have watched The Thief Of Baghdad, In a Lonely Place, 12 Angry Men, and The 400 Blows.

I watched The 400 Blows yesterday. And I discovered another dismaying thing: if it is not English, I have to expend translation time -- ten times as hard, basically -- trying to keep up, flickering my eyes up and down, everything watching, not comfortable, not lost in the movie. By the time it's ending, I'm again exhausted. The 400 Blows is really good, but I've going to have to watch it again, tomorrow, because I was literally lost for much of it.

The ending shot was powerful, though.


Kip W

Comment on December 20th, 2009. has Lux Radio Theater, Mercury Theater/Campbell Playhouse, and others (these are my top recommendations) for free download or online streaming. Welles's group did some great versions of books -- Dracula, Count of Monte Cristo, Seventeen, The Man Who Was Thursday -- and Lux concentrated on movies, often with original cast members or fascinating equivalents: Edward G. Robinson was outstanding in "The Maltese Falcon," and William Powell performance in "Shadow of a Doubt" is a revelation. Powell and Loy are also in Lux versions of the first two Thin Man movies, which well-nigh recreated the movie casts.

I understand that you're challenging yourself. But sometimes you might like a break from it.


Comment on December 21st, 2009.


I'm really not challenging myself; or, I'm challenging myself, but I can't help it. And it becomes really frustrating.

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