Posted on December 27th, 2009 by Scraps.
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I went to speech therapy today, and she felt confident of my sentence completion skills that she sent me home with homework. Last week I was numb; I was just staring at the paper. So today I was writing; still can't write like two months ago -- before the seizure -- but slowly coming back. Especially humor; grade-school humor, but still.

I'll show you some. It's mixed with humor -- not wit, that's coming, I hope -- and, well, despair and anger. (This is what Velma has to put up with.) The all-caps is the part I'm completing:

2. I DON'T LIKE cell phones BECAUSE they're difficult to hear.

3. THE TROUBLE WITH POLITICS IS, well, nothing. Politics is compromise; you can't necessarily get what you want, but you get something, if you participate. Unless you're talking about corrupt politics; to many, corrupt politics are the only politics. I think that's a copout.

4. YOU LOOK LIKE a patient woman.

6. SHE CAME LATE BECAUSE her hair fell out, and she had to glue it back on.

7. I WISH I had my language back. Also, I wish I had just one more hit single.

8. IT UPSETS ME TO have to write eighth grade sentences; and that I know I have to.

9. FLOWERS ARE funny. Particularly daisies; I don't know why.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Comment on December 27th, 2009.

Tiny Tim!

Kip W

Comment on December 27th, 2009.

Pansies have funny faces. And some lilies look like old-fashioned telephones. What's up with that?

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