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Posted on August 14th, 2013 by Scraps.
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I know everybody who keeps up more than I about celebrities & such* already knows this, but: Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher are friends? And they're apparently even working on materiel** together?

Even better, though it's mind-reading, is some people's conviction that Noel is just doing this to piss Liam off. (I know, I shouldn't. But: ha ha ha.)

* and that's fine.
** okay, material.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Comment on August 15th, 2013.

Everybody else may have known it, but it was news to me.

I did enjoy the brief notion of them working on military hardware together.


Comment on August 15th, 2013.


I like Grantland (as far as I know, it's Bill Simmons's website, though that could be wrong; it's linked to [somewhat bad] ESPN too). Anyway, I like the one-two of sports coverage and popcult coverage, with very good analytical writing, and very few pieces that actively piss me off (and you probably raised your eyebrows at that). Especially Zach Lowe on basketball (though you'd need a glossary -- I do), and Wesley Morris on movies (and I don't watch them, even).

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