parlando playlist #15: man jumping - the trouble is is (1987)

Posted on October 1st, 2013 by Scraps.
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Man Jumping's "The Trouble Is Is" is from their second (and last) album, World Service. It's one of my oldest CDs, about my twentieth or so*. It's on EG, the label that has Brian Eno, so I probably picked it up from that; I know I never heard of it before (and very little of the band since).

* I don't know why I told you that.

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Comment on October 6th, 2013.

Sounds like bad 80s synth funk, possibly heard during a montage in a made-for-TV movie of that era.

What was the first CD you ever bought?


Comment on October 6th, 2013.

There were eight -- I made sure when I bought my first cd player that I would have several cds. But I remember which one of the first eight I held in my grubby little hands at the record store: Brian Eno's (again) Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).

(I like "bad synth funk" -- though I prefer 70s to the 80s. Man Jumping have a thick production sound that I definitely like, which was temporarily gone from the 80s sound. Though Man Jumping's keyboards are definitely from the 80s.)

(Hm. Listening to World Service right now. Maybe it sounds like 80s production, but I've overlooked it because I like the album....)

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