parlando playlist #17: the motors - airport (1978)

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 by Scraps.
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This was a hit (#4) in England. No such luck in the USA. Nick Garvey (guitar, bass), Andy McMaster (bass, keyboards), Bram Tchaikovsky (guitar), Rick Slaughter (drums). "Airport" was written by McMaster, and appeared on their second album (out of three), Approved By the Motors.

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Comment on October 5th, 2013.

I liked the synth part and those insistent "airport!" backing vocals. I didn't particularly care for the lead singer--he was unappealing without being distinctive. I'm surprised it hit #4: it doesn't seem catchy enough. Do you know anything else about them?


Comment on October 5th, 2013.

Well, Bram Tchaikovsky solo had a medium-sized hit in America: "Girl of My Dreams".

It was catchy for me: when I was a teenager, walking with my headphones, the chorus made me stand stock still. It was on the radio, and I heard it two or three times, and that was it. I couldn't find it. Frustrating! And the hook stuck with me. Eventually I found it, but it was five years or more. It was on a Greatest Hits, and nothing was even close to as good. I was happy anyway.

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