no, really? he's a small man? get out!

Posted on October 25th, 2013 by Scraps.
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"I think he just wants to flex his power," [Cliff] Bennett says. "He has small (man's) syndrome. I still talk to guys who are there, and trust me, there's not much respect for him in that locker room."

Cliff, why do you reference Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano's height when running him down? Many, many tall men casually flex their power, but you wouldn't refer to their height (well, maybe if he's seven feet tall). But if a short person "flexes their power", you hear it endlessly. It's cliché-psychoanalyzing. It's teeth-grindingly tiresome. As a short man (no, really? get out!), you have to behave like a short person should: deferential, always.

Greg Schiano's behavior is awful. To tie it into his height is a distraction when you should be zeroing in on the real problem: He's a classic, over-the-top boorish example of Football Coach's Syndrome.


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