parlando playlist #72: prince far i - deck of cards [1977]

Posted on November 21st, 2013 by Scraps.
Categories: Music, Parlando Playlist.

"Deck of Cards" was from Prince Far I's second album, Under Heavy Manners.

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Comment on December 26th, 2013.

"No one but you and I / say the bells of Prince Far I."

That is the sum total of my previous exposure to this guy.

But I like this. I think I prefer my reggae thick and sludgy.


Comment on December 26th, 2013.

That's mostly everyone's exposure to him; that and the track "Heavy Manners".

"I think I prefer my reggae thick and sludgy," yes, me too. Which means I swear fifty percent reggae I like is dub. (But fifty percent is just regular reggae.)

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