parlando playlist #78: brooklyn funk essentials - selling out [1998]

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by Scraps.
Categories: Music, Parlando Playlist.

Well, I guess Brooklyn Funk Essentials is a giveaway, as far as genre goes. I will go one step further, in that their second album, In the Buzzbag, is a collaboration with Laco Tafya, a Turkish/Romanian gypsy band. Here we go: "Selling Out".

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Luke McGuff

Comment on December 23rd, 2013.

When I saw "Brooklyn Funk Essentials" in the record store, I felt like someone had put together a band with my mind in mind or something. They're lots of fun! ...And I recognize this tune, too.


Comment on December 23rd, 2013.


The lyrics, and the vocalist, are memorable, at least.


Comment on January 9th, 2014.

I like this a lot. Cool groove, nice Arabic flourishes, and the monologue is funny.

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