parlando playlist #82: amy rigby - invisible [1998]

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by Scraps.
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Amy Rigby first surfaced as a member of a New York female trio The Shams, who recorded one album. Then Rigby embarked on a solo career, and immediately had critical success with the Diary of a Mod Housewife album, but little financial success. She kept putting out good albums; I picked up four albums, and every one of them was excellent. Now I learned from writing this squib that she had a fifth album that apparently was also excellent, and she recorded two albums recently with her second husband Wreckless Eric, which I didn't know (both the existence of the albums and the fact of her marriage). I have two albums by Wreckless Eric, and I have four singles on Stiff from way back in 1977 to 1980, at least one that will make my Playlist eventually.

Anyway, "Invisible" is from her second album Middlescence, the "last" song (except there is a hidden track).

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Comment on March 25th, 2014.

I was a huge fan of the Shams' Quilt, and for whatever reason, never really tracked on AR's solo career. But this is great: groovy, cool organ riff, and some sharp lyrical turns.


Comment on March 25th, 2014.

(That's Gavin above as well. I'm back in the saddle!)


Comment on March 25th, 2014.


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