also, blount: your opinion about lynch not talking is really stupid

Posted on February 23rd, 2014 by Scraps.
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I wrote a letter to ESPN. I would have posted it but ESPN requires posters to have Facebook IDs, and that is not going to push me over to having Facebook membership*.

Dear ESPN:**

I guess you consider your blog area a way of involving your readers. Most of your team blogs sometimes have a Mailbag, for instance. And your team blogs usually feature a writer who is knowledgeable about the team, and works hard, especially when the audience keenly wants to know, such as the pre-draft Combine.

Most of ESPN's team bloggers are up to the task, writing good pieces how their team approach the Combine, asking their audience for questions, etc. You would think that the Seahawks' blogger, Terry Blount, would dive in. There are lots of Seahawks fans. We want information. You would think catering to Seahawks fans would be easy. After all, Super Bowl Champs.

When ESPN team bloggers are catering to their audiences, Terry Blount is spending five days on "top defensive plays" in the last year. Not one day: five days, one play per day.

We know these plays. They're, you know, obvious. That's the column you write when you are stuck for a column. Hey, Terry: there's a Combine going on.


* If eventually I have to get a membership in Facebook to vote, that might do it.

** There's a 1000-character limit*** for writing to ESPN. So I didn't write "Dear ESPN:" But I wanted to, because I'm polite.

*** or 7.14 tweet-limit (approximately)

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Comment on March 11th, 2014.

I would prefer the Chargers for this week for sure. Without Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs onffese looks pretty poor. Is it a given that they shut KC down? Probably not, but they have the better opportunity to succeed. Plus, they have the better defense overall.

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