sam? footnote.

Posted on February 23rd, 2014 by Scraps.
Categories: Comedy, Media, Sports, Stuff.

I sent a tweet to Andrew Sharp -- the Grantland guy who sometimes writes hilarious, awful "attempt[s] to write the worst sports column on earth" under the hashtag #HotSportsTakes (a parody -- I assume -- of the dim Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith columns on ESPN):

Soren deSelby Bowen ‏@ScrapsDeSelby
@andrewsharp I'm waiting for a #HotSportsTakes about J Collins, outmaneuvering M Sam: now Collins will make history, and Sam? Footnote. :-)

(Oh, I hope somebody will be stupid enough to say it. Because many people will think it. And if people will say it {out loud}, you can bet they will use the "political correctness" defense. (Silent 25% nixon majority: solemn agreement, solemn agreement.)


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