parlando playlist #128: crowsdell ● spillin [1995]

Posted on July 8th, 2017 by Scraps.
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Crowsdell ● Spillin

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Comment on July 8th, 2017.

Jacksonville's Crowsdell is the first important band in Shannon Wright's career. They were more indie-rock and less chamber/folk singer/songwriter. But even then she was a little spooky. Not quite ready for the spare, bleak individuality that dominated her sound now, but it's getting there. Crowsdell immediately sounds like (to me) Seattle's 1990s band Juned. Okay, probably that's going to be so obscure that it doesn't help at all. And yet, if you do know Juned, it's very similar, especially their first album. ;-P

Dreamette is Crowsdell's first album, on Big Cat. Unfortunately, Big Cat was taken over by V2 (another Richard Branson -- Virgin -- label), and Crowsdell was unceremoniously dropped before their second album appeared, and it was only an very obscure import. Crowsdell split up. Shannon Wright has now issued at least ten albums, all of them good.

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