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Posted on February 27th, 2010 by Scraps.
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The idea that "chess is relatively easy" is very recent, and very nearly postdates the crucial match. Just ten years ago, it wasn't difficult to find folks in the AI debate asserting that computers would never beat the best humans at chess.

We don't have a problem with machines being stronger or faster than us, but the idea that we can program computers to exceed our mental processes is deeply disturbing. Yet the notion that this is "impossible" is essentially mystical: it insists that there is more to human thought than the physical workings of the brain, and hence can never be artificially created.

When computers start making original contributions to philosophy, there will be folks maintaining that philosophy is relatively easy.


name that tune day

Posted on September 12th, 2008 by Scraps.
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In half an hour -- 12:30 Brooklyn time -- the 29th edition of my Name That Tune game goes up at Popdose. Come over and play!


name that tune day

Posted on August 8th, 2008 by Scraps.
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I'm late announcing this, but we're in the middle of a new Name That Tune game over at Popdose. Come over and play!



Posted on July 23rd, 2008 by Scraps.
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What does the following list of names represent?

Agnes, Alicia, Allen, Allison, Andrew, Anita, Audrey, Betsy, Beulah, Bob, Camille, Carla, Carmen, Carol, Celia, Cesar, Charley, Cleo, Connie, David, Dean, Dennis, Diana, Diane, Donna, Dora, Edna, Elena, Eloise, Fabian, Felix, Fifi, Flora, Floyd, Fran, Frances, Frederic, Georges, Gilbert, Gloria, Hattie, Hazel, Hilda, Hortense, Hugo, Inez, Ione, Iris, Isabel, Isidore, Ivan, Janet, Jeanne, Joan, Juan, Katrina, Keith, Klaus, Lenny, Lili, Luis, Marilyn, Michelle, Mitch, Noel, Opal, Rita, Roxanne, Stan, Wilma.


name that tune day

Posted on July 3rd, 2008 by Scraps.
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This week's Name That Tune -- the twenty-second edition -- is happening today instead of Friday (because of the holiday). It's going live at 3:30 PM Brooklyn time. Come on over to Popdose and check it out.


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