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I used to send my misheard lyrics to my pal Gavin, but since he's retired from the mondegreen-documenting business, I figure I should document mine in a small way here*.

Today I was idly listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's Second Helping for the first time, and I swear I heard them sing:

Well I used to wake the morning before the rooster crowed
Searching for soda bottles to get myself some dough
Brought 'em down to the corner, down to the country store
Cash 'em in and give my money to a man named Kurtis Blow

Turns out the guy was actually named "Curtis Loew". As is so often the case with these things, I think I prefer mine.


one for rob sheffield

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Is the Dovells' 1963 top ten hit "You Can't Sit Down" the earliest hit single to use the word "hippy" as a noun referring to a person?

When you're on South Street,
(You can't sit down.)
And the band is really bootin',
(You can't sit down.)
You hear the hippy with the back beat,
(You can't sit down.)
And you see the gang a-groovin',
(You can't sit down.)
Gotta get your bottom movin',
(You can't sit down.)
You gotta make it, break it,
Shake it all around.


crooned with no irony whatsoever

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"Thanks for taking me on a one-way trip to the sun."

--Englebert Humperdinck, "After the Lovin'" (written by Richie Adams and Alan Bernstein)


early trivial response to andrew bird

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I've listened to the new Andrew Bird four times today, and some of it's sticking, while some of it sounds like ordinary indie singer-songwriter fare to me; I'll definitely be giving it more attention in the next week.

The only thing I have to note right now is that when he sings "We'll fight, we'll fight", it sounds to me like he's declaring "Whale fight! Whale fight!" It doesn't help that he goes on to sing "they'll fight, they'll fight", which rhymes with "whale fight".

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kristeen young's words

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Despite my love of words, I'm not very lyric-driven in my music taste. So I didn't imagine that when I finally got around to (briefly) writing about the still-undernoticed (but opening for Morrissey; see her if you can) Kristeen Young, it would be to talk about her lyrics, which is not by a long shot the most arresting thing about her music.

But I recently picked up her fifth? sixth? album, The Orphans, and it has passages that have made me laugh and made me bark (ha!) with appreciation:

Before the drummer can say, "It's gay"
It's my baby.
Before the producer can take parts away,
I'll play all day. Hey!
This is my song I love
It just how it is, right now.
You should call yourself "Lucky Duck"
to hear it at all.


Middle America can't handle this, right?
Middle America's conservative, right?
Kansas City's where the problem is, right?
But you don't even know what state it's in, right?

--"Under a Landlocked Moon"


  • Q: What would be a perfect day?

    A: Any day I wake up and look at.

    Q: What has been the most valuable thing in life to you?

    A: Time.

    - Duke Ellington